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No One Was Attending My Fitness Class Until I Changed This One Thing

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There are many reasons no one is coming to your fitness class. If you are just starting out, then growing a following is no easy task. Anyone who tells you different is lying or trying to sell you something. It takes time, patience and dedication to build a following. But if we had to choose one single piece of advice for fitness instructors just starting out, the most important and effective advice would be to "Be Passionate and Authentic."

Passion and authenticity are contagious. When you genuinely love what you do and believe in the benefits of fitness, it shines through in your teaching. Your enthusiasm and authenticity will draw people to your classes.

Too often we see instructors trying to “be” someone else. Or try to be a type of character. Be you! There isn’t anyone else on the planet like you. Show that to your participants. It’s being vulnerable, but in order to be authentic you have to be vulnerable.

Here's why it's so important:

➡️ Engagement: Your passion will engage participants and make your classes more enjoyable. People are more likely to commit to fitness when they have an instructor who exudes genuine enthusiasm.

➡️ Trust: Authenticity builds trust. When participants see that you are passionate and sincere about their well-being, they are more likely to trust your guidance and expertise.

➡️ Word-of-Mouth: Participants are more likely to recommend your classes to friends and family when they can sense your passion and authenticity. Positive word-of-mouth recommendations are a powerful way to attract new participants.

➡️ Longevity: Being passionate and authentic will help you stay motivated and dedicated to your role as a fitness instructor over the long term. This dedication can be a key factor in your success.

Passion and authenticity create a positive atmosphere and can set you apart in a competitive market. So, make sure you genuinely love what you do, be yourself and let that love shine through in your teaching.

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