Extensa Flow & Performance Discovery Call

We have decided to keep our Extensa Flow and Performance instructor certifications exclusive. They require a more extreme level of flexibility and therefore we only select instructors with ample flexibility training knowledge and experience. 

All potential instructors will work closely with Sarah. 

You can email us via our contact page for general details or get on a call with us if you're considering becoming an instructor. 

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What our Extensa™ instructors are saying

Stretch trainer for Extensa

Lysanne Richard

Extensa Performance instructor

I love the balance Extensa brings to my life. While teaching it, I find it so beneficial to myself as well as my participants. It’s a workout but has a calming effect too. It feels good for the body and the mind! Extensa helps maintain my flexibility even as my athlete body begins to age, and I really feel that it has helped prevent injuries throughout my high diving career.

Stretching instructor through the Extensa method

Eloise Belanger

Extensa Performance instructor

I chose to do my certification privately with Sarah. I love the program she helped me create for my Extensa Performance class. The Extensa certification not only taught me valuable flexibility training skills but also improved my teaching skills. The ongoing support I received during my certification was great and the continued support is extremely valuable. I highly recommend working with the Extensa method to become a flexibility instructor!