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Welcome to Extensa™ Certified

Our continuing education membership  where your journey to becoming an exceptional stretching instructor never stops. For those who have completed our instructor training course, this membership is your gateway to continuous learning and skill enhancement in the world of flexibility training.

And the best part about it? It's a 1x fee that grants you lifetime access.

Why Join Extensa™ Certified?

  • Stay up to date with current flexibility training trends and scientific findings
  • Opportunities to network and grow your professional community
  • Use our content to meet the requirements for your other CEC's. 
  • Shows your dedication to your profession.  

Extensa™ Certified

Lifetime access

We know how expensive it gets with needed to maintain all your certifications and licensing fees. We've priced our valued and educational content at a price that is fair and affordable and at a time fee for life. We also do not require you to maintain our membership in order to teach an Extensa™ class. We want you to choose to continue to learn with us! 


Participating in our instructor continuing education program shows your dedication to your profession. It demonstrates to your clients, colleagues, and employers that you are committed to providing high-quality services and constantly improving yourself.

At Extensa™, we're committed to helping stretching instructors reach their full potential. With years of experience and a passion for flexibility training, we're your trusted partner in your journey toward excellence.

Join Extensa™ Certified 

Lifetime Access


pay once and receive access forever!

  • Access to our Extensa™ Database (Exercises, Sequences and Routines) - we are constantly adding new material!
  • Maintain access to the Instructor Training Course - and keep up to date with every new update release!
  • Option to join our Extensa™ Instructor Affiliate Program - earn additional income by sharing your own discount coupon for our instructor training course

Membership benefits

Exclusive Resources: Gain access to an ever-expanding library of exercises, sequences and routines curated for stretching instructors like you.

Original and Updated Course Content: Stay ahead of the curve with our evolving instructor training course, designed to elevate your expertise and regularly updated with new scientific findings.

Earn Additional Passive Income: Explore our affiliate program and earn passive income just by sharing a discount code for our instructor course. 

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Our Extensa™ Instructors are spreading the joys of flexibility training


I love how Extensa is flexible and adaptable for the different demographics you might teach.

-Melanie Boucher


After my Extensa class, participants often comment on how amazing it is. And how they got a “workout” at the same time as feeling a great sense of well-being.

-Nathalie Ouellet


Extensa has allowed me to better connect with my body and have more control over my movements.

-Cynthia Legris

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