About Us

About Us

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We combine dynamic, static, active, PNF and AIS stretching exercises and incorporate them throughout our routines.


We incorporate isotonic and isometric exercises to help strengthen joint function by improving mobility throughout the body.

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We incorporate both active and static balance exercises to improve overall balance and build stability around the joints.


Stretch, strengthen and balance your way to a flexible and healthy body.

We are a fitness company that specializes in flexibility training. Our routines gently help you improve and maintain flexibility through a combination of stretching, strengthening and stability work. 

Our exercise combinations and techniques achieve proper movement function and movement patterns, improved posture and increase stretch tolerance to achieve full body flexibility.

The great thing about flexibility training is, you can incorporate it into all classes and training sessions. It really is the most versatile fitness component.

Make yourself a priority and discover how great being flexible feels

Get stretching today! You'll soon feel less muscle tension, have better posture, feel less anxious and stress. 

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Flexibility training isn't about doing the splits or touching your toes

Although those extreme positions are achievable goals for some. They aren't for most people. Discover how to get flexible without trying to get into extreme and painful stretching positions or movements. 

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What our instructors are saying

Cynthia an Extensa stretch instructor

Cynthia Legris

Extensa instructor

Extensa is a program that over time has given me more flexibility but also better posture and balance. It has allowed me to better connect with my body and have more control over my movements. The dynamic exercises allow me to work in depth, which makes it an even more effective workout compared to the traditional stretching class I attended before I became an Extensa instructor. Teaching it is also a unique experience and participants are very satisfied with the benefits they feel after the class. 

Stretching trainer Melanie

Melanie Boucher

Extensa master trainer

I am so glad to have found Extensa as I wanted to add a stretch class to my teaching skills. I thought I could probably wing it but in the end I decided to take a certification anyway. And I'm glad I did! After the two day training, I was amazed with how perfect the training was for me. It was more than I expected and I love how the program is flexible and adaptable for the different demographics you might teach. I'm now so much more aware of the importance of flexibility in our day to day life. I've also learned so much about the human body and it's made me a better instructor no matter what format I teach. 

Stretching coach Eloise

Eloise Belanger

Extensa Performance instructor

I chose to do my certification privately with Sarah. I love the program she helped me create for my Extensa Performance class. The Extensa certification not only taught me valuable flexibility training skills but also improved my teaching skills. The ongoing support I received during my certification was great and the continued support is extremely valuable. I highly recommend working with the Extensa method to become a flexibility instructor!

Stretching for everyday life, sports performance and real results

The Extensa methods’ instructor certifications are at the forefront of the fitness, sports and dance industries. 

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