Extensa Course List


The Extensa™ Stretching Instructor Certification

Learn simple stretching techniques that will get you and your participants flexible.

$399.00 USD

La Formation de "Stretching" Extensa™

Formation en Français

Apprenez des techniques d'étirement efficaces pour améliorer votre souplesse et celle de vos participants.

$399.00 USD

The Extensa™ Flow & Performance Instructor Certification

We have decided to keep our Extensa Flow & Performance certification courses exclusive. They require more extreme levels of flexibility and therefore we only select instructors with ample flexibility training knowledge and experience. If you're interested book a call with us.

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An Introduction to Extensa™ 

Gain access to a portion of our Extensa™ Stretching Instructor Certification. Discover how flexibility training is easily achievable with simple and feel good stretching routines. 

$89.00 USD

Coaching with Extensa™ 

Book a one-on-one coaching session with an Extensa™ master trainer. 

$45.00 USD