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The Extensa™ method

We bring the powerful results of flexibility training to ALL levels of fitness, through simple and attainable stretching programs.

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Learn how to release the upper body with our mini stretch routine. You can add these exercises to your warmup or the stretching segment of your class or program.

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Extensa Fitness stretching routine for everyone


A group flexibility training class for anyone looking to improve their flexibility.

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Extensa Performance stretching routine for athletes

Extensa Performance

Small group flexibility training classes that are sports specific.

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Extensa Flow stretching routine for dancers

Extensa Flow

A group flexibility training class that incorporates sequences and choreography.

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What our certified Extensa instructors have to say

Stretching instructor Cynthia

Cynthia Legris

Extensa Fitness instructor

Extensa Fitness is a program that over time has given me more flexibility but also better posture and balance. It has allowed me to better connect with my body and have more control over my movements. The dynamic exercises allow me to work in depth, which makes it an even more effective workout compared to the traditional stretching class I attended before I became an Extensa instructor. Teaching it is also a unique experience and participants are very satisfied with the benefits they feel after the class. 

Flexibility instructor Nathalie

Nathalie Ouellet

Extensa Fitness instructor

As an instructor, YES, this is the COURSE I NEEDED to add not only for my clients, but for MY OWN WELL-BEING:) It is SO much more than a simple stretching session. After class, participants often comment on how amazing it is that they got a “workout” at the same time feeling a great sense of well-being. A bit like after a massage:) I am used to intense classes, but I chose to do my Extensa training because I needed a class that would allow me to take care of my body, and I was DOUBLY rewarded because it is also an excellent option to tone all the muscles but in a gentle way:) THANK YOU!!!!  EXTENSA

Stretch your way to a larger clientele & a  healthier body

Join other instructors looking to change their clients lives and become an Extensa stretching instructor. Learn professionally developed routines that produce long lasting results. Target a new market and heal your body all at the same time.

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