We make getting flexible simple and enjoyable.

Stretch, strengthen and balance your way to a healthy and flexible body.

We make getting flexible simple and enjoyable.

Stretch, strengthen and balance your way to a healthy and flexible body.

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The Extensa™ method 

We are a fitness company that specializes in flexibility training. We are changing the way flexibility is achieved. 

Unlock Your Body. Discover how good an Extensa routine feels. 

Get rid of muscle tension and stiffness, reduce the chance of new injuries and reoccurring ones. Calm your body and mind with our 5 minute warm up routine

Let's Begin my Stretch Journey!
Warm up stretching routine with Extensa

Discover the only way to improve and maintain a flexible body. 

Stretching should be simple and feel good!

We're on a mission to debunk the misconception that stretching is painful and difficult to accomplish.


We've learned that in order to create lasting changes the body needs to trust the movements we perform and the positions we get into.


We combine and modify a variety of flexibility techniques and deliver them through simple flexibility training exercises. 


The nervous system calms down and the body adapts to the new flexibility challenges. This create a rejuvenated, flexible and relaxed body. 


What our Extensa participants have to say...

"Extensa has helped me with my flexibility, strength and coordination. I highly recommend Extensa!"


Extensa participant in Sarah Feilders' classes

"I love Extensa classes! It's the best class to improve your flexibility. You really get a good stretch. I've noticed a huge difference in my posture and back pain."


Extensa participant in Jeanne Gagné's classes

 "Extensa classes have helped reduce the pain I felt from all the injuries I've sustained over the years..."


Extensa participant in Melanie Boucher's classes


Why Us

Why choose the Extensa™ method

Stretching instructors all over the world are using our flexibility techniques and routines

Our Extensa certified instructors are a mix of group fitness instructors, dance teachers, personal trainers, yoga and pilates instructors and sports coaches. They all certify with us for the same reason: to learn simple stretching routines that provide lasting results for their clients and for themselves!

Don't think your flexible enough?  

Our Extensa programs are specially designed to improve and maintain flexibility for an active lifestyle. Extreme flexibility or the splits is not a pre-requisite. 
Your flexibility will improve while studying our instructor course and you'll be more than capable of teaching an Extensa stretching class. If extreme flexibility interests you, then please book a call with one of our master trainers to discuss our more advanced certifications. 
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The Extensa™ Stretching Instructor Certification

Are you looking to add stretching classes to your teaching schedule?

Maybe you need a new revenue stream but are tired of all the high impact option?

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Instructor Testimonials

What our Extensa instructors are saying

Not only do our instructors love the feedback they receive from their participants but they also love the personal benefits they experience too!

Stretching instructor Cynthia

Extensa Fitness is a program that over time has given me more flexibility but also better posture and balance. It has allowed me to better connect with my body and have more control over my movements. The dynamic exercises allow me to work in depth, which makes it an even more effective workout compared to the traditional stretching class I attended before I became an Extensa instructor. Teaching it is also a unique experience and participants are very satisfied with the benefits they feel after the class. 

Cynthia Legris

Extensa Certified Instructor

Flexibility instructor Nathalie

As an instructor, YES, this is the COURSE I NEEDED to add not only for my clients, but for MY OWN WELL-BEING:) It is SO much more than a simple stretching session. After class, participants often comment on how amazing it is that they got a “workout” at the same time feeling a great sense of well-being. A bit like after a massage:) I am used to intense classes, but I chose to do my Extensa training because I needed a class that would allow me to take care of my body... THANK YOU!!!!  EXTENSA

Nathalie Ouellet

Extensa Certified Instructor

Continuing Education

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