Become a Stretching Instructor

and Unlock the Power of Flexibility Training

We're empowering fitness instructors to transform their classes and schedules with  stretching techniques. 

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Discover our Stretching instructor training course that will get you and your participants flexible.

Our professionally crafted programs are simple to achieve and pain-free. We believe stretching should feel good. 




Becoming a Stretching Instructor is easier than you think

It doesn't take extreme flexibility to teach a  stretching class. Normal ranges of motion are quite simple to achieve and maintain. You just need to learn the proper techniques and when and how to apply them.

We developed a flexibility training method that focuses on calming the nervous system instead of contorting your body into uncomfortable and difficult to achieve positions.

As an Extensa™ instructor, you will:

  • Help your participants reduce stiffness and pain.
  • Provide your participants a class experience that reduces stress and anxiety symptoms.
  • Be a leader in an increasingly popular fitness niche.
  • Grow your clientele by attracting new segments of the population. 
  • Be responsible for creating positive and lasting changes in your participants health and wellness. 

Creating Real Change in Your Participants Lives is Extremely Rewarding!

Our Extensa™ Stretching Instructor Training will equip you with the skills, techniques and knowledge necessary to provide the best possible flexibility class experience for your future Extensa participants. 


In The Next Month, You Could…

  • be teaching a Stretching class to a whole new clientele
  • be personally enjoying pain-free movement and reduced muscle tension
  • be enjoying countless positive feedback from your current participants

Adding a new class to your fitness schedule doesn't have to drain you. Extensa classes will help your body recover and grow your audience all at the same time. 


The Extensa™ Stretching Instructor Training

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Are You Ready To Offer A New Program That Will Change You And Your Participants Lives?

Our instructor training course will teach you everything you need to know to become a competent and sought after flexibility instructor. You’ll learn how to:

  • Improve and maintain flexibility
  • Teach an effective and fun 60 minute Stretch class 
  • Perfect your cueing, teaching and communication skills

Becoming an Extensa instructor distinguishes you to fellow fitness professionals, future employers and prospective participants. You'll gain a competitive advantage in the fitness industry’s ever expanding market.

What's Included Our Instructor Training Course...

The following modules are delivered as theory and practical lessons. 

Basics of flexibility training

The Basics of Flexibility

Learn everything you need to know about flexibility. This module introduces you to the term and what it actually means. You'll also learn :

  • The 3 types of flexibility and why it's important to focus on all three
  • The many factors that affective flexibility
  • The flexibility cycles
  • How flexibility reduces injuries

You’ll finish this module with new knowledge of what flexibility really is, how we lose it and how to gain it back!

Flexibility techniques

Techniques & Training

This is where you will learn the tools you'll need to achieve lasting flexibility results. In these lessons, you’ll learn:

  • The Extensa principles of flexibility
  • The Extensa techniques and how to apply them to every exercise
  • The Extensa Stretching program 
  • The stages of an Extensa class
  • How to construct an Extensa class

You’ll finish this module with the know how to create a full body flexibility class from scratch.

Communication skills for stretching classes


The secret to being an excellent instructor is how you interact with your participants. In these lessons, you’ll learn:

  • Proper cueing techniques
  • Class etiquette
  • Effective teaching skills
  • Music selection and playlist examples

You’ll finish this module with a better understanding of what it takes to be an effective leader. 

Practical application of flexibility training skills


For many, the goal is to learn a pre-choreographed class they can begin teaching immediately. In these lessons, you’ll learn:

  • A 60 minute pre-choreographed Extensa class. That includes the full routine and a breakdown of each exercise
  • Transitions, rest positions and modification options
  • Our Exercise description manual (each exercise is one full page of information)

At the end of this module, you'll be equipped to teach a full body Extensa class.

Safety considerations when teaching a stretch class

Safety Considerations

Safety should always be your number one priority. In these lessons, you’ll learn:

  • Common occurrences that happen during a fitness class and how to handle them
  • How to protect yourself as an Extensa instructor
  • Overstretching realities and myths

At the end of this module, you'll feel confident in handling situations that arise during your class.

Stretch instructors with Extensa

Our Stretching Instructor Course Is For You If...

  • You are interested in helping the population improve their flexibility and well-being
  • You are interested in expanding your flexibility knowledge and skills 
  • You are interested in advancing and growing your career
  • You are interested in building new relationships and becoming a part of a community that is in high demand
  • You want to nourish your body while delivering professionally crafted programs

I'm Sarah Feilders

I"m the creator of the Extensa™ method. I'm passionate about helping people live their best lives by improving their flexibility and overall health.

I spent my career working in the fitness, sports and dance industries. I had the privilege of coaching Olympic, High Performance and Professional athletes in flexibility training, Ballet, Pilates and Yoga. I worked as a group fitness instructor, workshop presenter and personal trainer. My main focus was building flexibility through strengthening and stretching techniques, balance training and core strength. By combining my dance training, fitness and sports certifications, I created unique programs that improved and maintained full body flexibility.  Over the years, I helped propel my athletes to excellence in their sports and improved my clients overall health. 

After years of watching my athletes and clients thrive. I dove deeper into research and practice and sought out revision in order to validate their positive results. Which gave rise to the creation of the Extensa™ method. In order to properly share the wonderful flexibility results I had helped others acquire, the Extensa™ Stretching Instructor Certification was born. As a growing certification company, we are proud to work with highly skilled and in demand Extensa instructors. Who continue to help spread the wonderful benefits of flexibility training to as many people as possible. I look forward to getting to know you and working together!


What our Instructors have to say...

"I am so glad to have found Extensa as I wanted to add a stretch class to my teaching skills. I thought I could probably wing it but in the end I decided to take a certification anyway. And I'm glad I did! ...I've also learned so much about the human body and it's made me a better instructor no matter what format I teach. I loved the program so much I became a master trainer! "

- Melanie Boucher,
Extensa master trainer

"I love the balance Extensa brings to my life. While teaching it, I find it so beneficial to myself as well as my participants...and I really feel that it has helped prevent injuries throughout my high diving career."

- Lysanne Richard,
Extensa instructor & Professional High Diver

"Extensa has allowed me to better connect with my body and have more control over my movements...which makes it an even more effective workout compared to the traditional stretching class I attended before I became an Extensa instructor. Teaching it is also a unique experience and participants are very satisfied with the benefits they feel after the class."

- Cynthia Legris, Extensa instructor

The Extensa™ Stretching Instructor Training

Online Instructor Training Course


Learn the entire Extensa™ Stretching Instructor Training course from the comfort of your home.

  • 60 minute pre-choreographed class 
  • Exercise description manual (PDF)
  • Exercise video library
  • Modifications, cueing, safety considerations
  • Flexibility techniques and teaching skills
  • Bonus Extensa routines (2x 30 minutes each)
  • ...and much more!

Prices are in US dollars


Live 1 Day Training Course


Join a live in-person instructor training course with one of our Extensa™ master trainers.

  • 1 full day of in-person training with an Extensa master trainer
  • 60 minute pre-choreographed class
  • Full training manual (Printed)
  • Online video library
  • Modifications, cueing, safety considerations
  • Flexibility techniques and teaching skills
  • Bonus Extensa routines (2x 30 minutes each)

Prices are in US dollars