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Why is flexibility important

Why is flexibility important?

flexibility training

Flexibility has become very popular on social media and among the general population these past few years. Which is something we are so excited about, but it is still the most neglected fitness component when it comes to creating basic to advanced workout programs.

We argue it's the most important component when creating a fitness training program, no matter what your end goal is. 

Flexibility has a direct impact on:

  • muscle recruitment and force
  • joint mobility and stability
  • posture and alignment
  • proper movement patterns.

A healthy body is a flexible body. Weight training and cardiovascular training are vital to good health, but when flexibility is neglected, stiffness, pain, injuries and overtraining can occur. Flexibility compliments the other fitness components by keeping the body limber to move freely during exercise and every day movements.

Achieving optimum flexibility

Everyone should want to achieve optimum flexibility. But the end goal is different for everyone. One person's end goal of optimum flexibility might be that they want to experience less stiffness during the day or an athlete might need full range of motion at their hip joint or a dancer might need the side splits.

In order to achieve optimum flexibility we need a combination of active, passive and dynamic flexibility. Which means the body is equally flexible while moving or stationary through the same range of motion. In order to achieve all three types of flexibility and ultimately optimal flexibility we need flexibility training.

Flexibility training

Flexibility training is a combination of:

  • Stretching exercises
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Balance exercises

The Extensa™ method

The Extensa method is a fitness company that specializes in flexibility training. It was created in order to meet the demand for flexibility training across the fitness, sports and dance industries. Our programs achieve optimum flexibility through specialized training depending on demographic, fitness level, interests and learning preferences and goals. 

The three specialized programs are:

  • Extensa (Fitness): a full body flexibility class that follows a traditional group fitness format. It is the main flexibility program and is taught in gyms, recreation centres and mind body studios. Extensa Fitness caters to all levels of fitness.
  • Extensa Flow: a full body flexibility class that follows a traditional dance based format. Flexibility is achieved using dance technique and choreographed sequences to music.
  • Extensa Performance: a sports specific flexibility program. Flexibility is achieved based on athletic goals. Every sport has different flexibility needs.


No matter where you choose to improve your flexibility, make sure you are learning from a qualified stretching instructor that has had proper flexibility instructor training. 

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