What is Extensa Flow

Extensa Flow participant

Extensa Flow is a dance based flexibility program

Optimum flexibility is achieved through choreographed dance sequences and dance based exercises. Extensa flow is the most creative of the Extensa method programs. Dancers are strong and graceful, martial artists are flexible and agile… become all in one through an Extensa flow class.

Who are Extensa flow participants? 

  • Active individuals interested in dance based classes
  • Dancers looking to improve their flexibility
  • Recreational athletes looking for a new challenge or looking to improve coordination, flexibility and grace

What results do regular Extensa flow participants experience?

  • Improved full body flexibility (higher extensions, better turnout, higher kicks, stronger extensions etc...);
  • Improved kinaesthetic awareness;
  • Improved coordination;
  • Improved grace and fluidity of movement;
  • Improved balance;
  • Improved posture and alignment.

What makes Extensa flow more effective than other stretch programs?

The main focus of the Extensa Flow program, is on initiating movement from the pelvis by using the core muscles. A combination of contemporary, modern and ballet dance techniques merge with fitness mobility and strength training to create a fun and challenging program. 

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