4 tips for becoming the best stretching instructor possible

Tips for becoming the best stretching instructor


Whether you're a stretching instructor or group fitness instructor, these 4 tips will help you re-evaluate your teaching skills. 

As fitness leaders, we need to constantly evaluate our leadership skills and continue learning throughout our career. 

If you aren't making these 4 tips a priority, then take some time to think about them and how to incorporate them into your class. 

4 tips for becoming the best stretching instructor

  1.  Make your participants safety top priority

    • Face your participants as often as possible
    • Focus on the entire group. The front row tends to naturally grab our attention, but don't forget about the middle of the class and especially the back row.
    • Immediately correct any potentially dangerous movements being performed by a participant. 
  2. Provide modifications

    • Always provide your participants options to decrease the level of difficulty. No matter the fitness level of your class, we always need options to rest.
  3. Maintain a professional attitude throughout the class

    • Leave your personal life at the door. Step into the room as a professional and maintain it until your last participant leaves the room.
  4. Know your routine

    • Memorize and practice your routine. You should know it beginning to end before presenting it to your group.
    • Leave your notes in your bag.  


Being an amazing group fitness instructor is a constant learning process. One of the best ways we can improve our skills is to learn from each other. We spent too much time guarding our knowledge. Let's make it ok to share our knowledge and skills with each other. 


If you'd like more group fitness instructor tips, you can listen to the creator of the Extensa method, Sarah Feilders' podcast: How to become a great fitness instructor

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