The best neck stretch for stiffness and pain

Neck stretch for pain relief

Neck stretches can be extremely helpful for stiffness and pain if done correctly. This is an effective stretch as it combines active and static stretching techniques. It's important to move slowly and cautiously when stretching the neck. Listen to what your body is telling you and keep a slow and relaxed breathe throughout the exercise.

If you've been told to stretch your neck, this is one of the best exercises to improve flexibility and gain strength and relieve yourself from neck pain, permanently!

Read the transcript: 

Hi guys welcome to Sarah’s sixty second stretch.

We’re doing a neck stretch today.

And what we're doing is, we're targeting the back of the neck.

So we're going to turn the head on the diagonal a little bit. 

We're sitting up nice and tall. 

We’re going to rotate the head to one side. 

So you're looking over to the diagonal.

You're going to give yourself a double chin.

Be careful not to lower the chin down just yet.

What you're doing is you're sliding the head back, then you're going to lower the chin down towards the ground. 

Feeling that stretch at the back of the neck. 

And then coming back up. 

You can keep the head on the diagonal.

Let's pull the chin in.

Bring it down.

Feeling the stretch the back of the neck.

Coming back up.

Let's add the breath.

Inhale to pull the chin in.

Exhale lowering down and coming back up.

You can add your hand.

A little bit if you of resistance. Bringing the head down. 

Arm comes up, add a little bit of pressure. Not too much.

Back up.

Pulling the chin in.

Exhale to lower down.

Once you come down as far as you can, you add a tiny bit of pressure.

And coming back up.

We’ll do that one more time.

Pull the chin in.

And then coming back up.

And looking back to the front.

And of course, you've got the other side.

Thanks fortuning in, see you next time. 

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