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Low lunge to stretch the hip flexors

Lunge: an active stretching exercise for the hip flexors

60 second stretch

Today's stretching exercise is an active lunge. This exercise targets improved flexibility of the hip flexors. Focus on keeping the hips low and straightening the back leg as much as possible. Keep an even breath throughout the movement. 


Hi guys welcome to Sarah's 60-second


We’re doing a lunge today. 

We're going to get on to our hands and knees. 

And we're going to take one leg forward. 

You want to make sure that as you lean forward the knees days behind the toes.

We're going to focus on the back foot. 

And you're going to curl the toes underneath and then lift the knee off the ground.

We're keeping the hips nice and low. 

Now, let’s turn this into an active stretch by relaxing the knee and then lifting it.

Inhale to relax and exhale to lift. 

Inhale to relax. Exhale to lift.

We’re pressing the heel to the back of the room.

Keeping the breath going. 

One more time.

And relax the knee down.

And of course, you've got the other side.

Thanks fortuning in.

See you next time!

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