4 stretching mistakes and how to avoid them

4 stretching mistakes

You don't have to look very far to find stretching advice across social media. The only problem is, how much of it is safe and effective? Everyone seems to be an expert in fitness and nutrition these days. It's extremely important to take some time and research where and who the advice is coming from. 

Stretching is extremely beneficial when done correctly. Today we're tackling 4 common stretching mistakes and ways to avoid them. 

4 common stretching mistakes

  1. Thinking you aren't flexible enough

    • Believe it or not, how you perceive your level of flexibility has a profound effect on your level of flexibility. If you believe you aren't flexible, your mindbody will never let you relax enough to actually become flexible.
  2. Remaining tense and stiff while stretching

    • It's important to try to relax and let go as much as possible while stretching. The more we lean into the uncomfortable sensations the more we adapt to them. It's important to try to get comfortable with being uncomfortable in order to calm our nervous system so that the mindbody realizes that the movement and/or position is safe. 
  3. Forgetting to breathe properly

    • Breathing is the most important component when it comes to flexibility training. When we slow down our breath, we are able to listen to our bodies. 
  4. Not holding the stretch long enough

    • This is probably the most common mistake we see. The reason being, most people claim they are bored and don't have the patience to hold stretches. Your mindbody needs time to adjust and adapt to the new movement and/or position. It doesn't happen instantaneously. If you are truly leaning in to the sensations of the stretch and feeling the body adapt, you won't be bored or impatient. 

So there you have it, 4 mistakes you can correct immediately! Stretching, like anything important takes time. Once you realize how important flexibility training is for a healthy lifestyle, the more benefits you'll experience. 

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