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The best exercise for tight hamstrings

The best exercise for tight hamstrings

Have you tried to stretching your hamstrings with no results? How about pain behind your knee or up towards your glutes? This hamstring mobility/Quadriceps strengthening exercise helps improve flexibility of the backline as safely as possible. Focus on keeping the femur stable while hinging from the knee joint. Posture is important too, so keep a neutral spine, brace the abdominals and lengthen the spine. 

Read the transcript: 

Hi guys welcome to Sarah’s sixty second stretch.

We're doing a seated hamstring stretch today. 

What we’re going to do is, we're going to sit right at the edge of the chair.

We're focusing on the posture. So we're pulling up nice and tall.

We’ve got those abdominals engaged and we've got the feet relaxed on the ground. 

We're just going to extend one leg from the knee so the thighs stay in place. 

Then you're going to bend. Coming down.

Try not to relax the foot to the floor. 

Keeping the quad engaged.

Extend and Bend. 

Inhale exhale on the extension.

We're just hinging from the knee. 

If this is too easy, keeping the posture, now hinge from the hips slightly lengthening the


Extending forward and bend.

The more you lean forward the more of a stretch you'll feel at the back of the leg.

Exhale extend. Inhale to bend. 

Let’s do two more.

And last time.

And then we're going to bend, relax and shake it out. 

And of course, you've got the other side. 

Thanks for tuning in see and you next time! 

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