Extensa Restorative

Feel good stretches that will get rid of muscles tension and reduce stress. Take 30 minutes for yourself to relax, de-stress and get flexible.

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Classes are 2x per week: 

  • Live via Zoom Tuesdays & Thursdays @11:00am EST
  • On demand via your Extensa library*

Your subscription is a monthly fee. Your payments are made every month on the date of your subscription.

Extensa Restorative is:

  • a 30 minute relaxed stretching class
  • a combination of stretching exercises that feel good and calm the nervous system
  • a routine that reduces stiffness and pain. 

Joining the Extensa community will open your eyes to how important flexibility training is to good health. Stretch your way to a healthy lifestyle and your body will thank you for it!

*On demand classes are available for 30 days after each posting.

$10.00 USD

Every month

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