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Introduction to Extensa

Gain access to a portion of the Extensa Stretching Instructor Certification. 

What's included:

  • An introduction to "what is flexibility training" and the Extensa method
  • A 20 minute Extensa Fitness routine (video and PDF)
  • The Extensa Fitness exercise description manual (PDF). Exercise description, modifications, tips, muscles involved, flexibility technique etc.
  • The benefits of flexibility training
  • How to certify as an Extensa instructor

What our certified instructors are saying:

The Extensa certification not only taught me valuable flexibility training skills but also improved my teaching skills. The ongoing support I received during my certification was great and the continued support is extremely valuable. I highly recommend working with the Extensa method to become a flexibility instructor!

Eloise Belanger

I love the balance Extensa brings to my life. While teaching it, I find it so beneficial to myself as well as my participants. It’s a workout but has a calming effect too. It feels good for the body and the mind! Extensa helps maintain my flexibility even as my athlete body begins to age, and I really feel that it has helped prevent injuries throughout my high diving career.

Lysanne Richard

$79.00 USD

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