Easy Flexibility warmup routine: An Introduction to Extensa™

Add some of our flexibility exercises to your current classes. Discover why so many instructors choose to certify with Extensa to expand their clientele and for their own personal self-care.

What is included:

  • Warmup routine that will decrease stress symptoms, stiffness and pain. 

What Extensa Instructors Are Saying:

I love the balance Extensa brings to my life. While teaching it, I find it so beneficial to myself as well as my participants. It’s a workout but has a calming effect too. It feels good for the body and the mind!

Lysanne Richard

I would like to share my experience with Extensa. As an instructor, YES, this is the COURSE I NEEDED to add not only for my clients, but for MY OWN WELL-BEING:) It is SO much more than a simple stretching session. After class, participants often comment on how amazing it is that they got a “workout” at the same time feeling a great sense of well-being.

Nathalie Ouellet

$19.00 USD