Lisianne Goossens

Lisianne is an Extensa Fitness instructor

Extensa Fitness instructor


Upon graduation, Lisianne was awarded 2 honorary prizes: 1) Female Athlete of the Year and 2) Most Smiling Personality. With these skills, she quickly combined these assets by joining the physical activity spheres at the professional level. Having started as a private trainer, her love of dance and the public quickly led her to perfect her skills in teaching group fitness.

The ultimate professional, Lisianne's classes are well constructed, efficient, dynamic and her cuing style makes her classes easy to follow!

Lisianne has worked for over 10 years with active seniors. She is familiar with the possible limitations that age brings and she makes sure to create a safe training environment in which one feels well supervised.

Her management and leadership skills quickly propelled her to the position of fitness center director at the age of 20.

In recent years, she has focused more on her primary passion, which is teaching group classes.

With Je Bouge! still growing after 5 years of activity, her reputation is well established and she is happy to invite you to move with her!
Come spend an hour with Lisianne, you will see that her good mood and her boundless energy will rub off on you!


Contact info



Email address: [email protected]


Additional Certifications

  • Entraînement privé (Ataraxia, PEP)
  • Cours en groupe (FIDA)
  • Zumba (Basic 1, Basic 2, Gold, Aqua, Core, Step, Brazil, ProSkills)
  • Pound PRO
  • Extensa PRO 
  • RCR / DEA
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