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Extensa™ mini courses 

Gain access to a portion of one of our Extensa Stretching Instructor Certification

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Add stretching exercises to your current classes and watch how they transform your programs!

Why not start your flexibility training journey before committing to a full stretching instructor certification? Discover more about our Extensa programs, add flexibility training exercises to your current classes or training sessions or just increase your flexibility knowledge.

Become a stretching instructor with Extensa

Flexibility is the most versatile fitness component 

The great thing about flexibility training is it fits seamlessly into all types of fitness classes and training sessions. Incorporate our Extensa stretching exercises during your warmup, cool down and even in your strength training segment!

What regular Extensa participants have to say  


Extensa Fitness participant in Melanie Boucher's classes

Extensa classes have helped reduce the pain I felt from all the injuries I've sustained over the years...


Extensa Fitness participant in Jeanne Gagné's classes

I love Extensa classes! It's the best class to improve your flexibility. You really get a good stretch. I've noticed a huge difference in my posture and back pain.


Extensa Performance participant in Sarah Feilders' classes

Extensa has helped me with my flexibility, strength and coordination. I highly recommend Extensa!

Expand your stretching knowledge & skills

What's included:

  • An introduction to "what is flexibility training" and the Extensa method
  • A 20 minute Extensa routine (video)
  • The Extensa 20 minute routine exercise description manual (PDF):
    • exercise description, modifications, tips, muscles involved, flexibility technique and more!
  • The benefits of flexibility training
  • How to certify as an Extensa instructor
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Discover our stretching secrets 

with our 

Introduction to Extensa™ mini courses

Stretching techniques from Extensa

Introduction to Extensa Fitness

Gain access to a portion of our Extensa Fitness Stretching Instructor Certification. Discover our flexibility training program for full body flexibility.

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Become a stretching coach with Extensa

Introduction to Extensa Flow

Gain access to a portion of our Extensa Flow Stretching Instructor Certification. Discover our flexibility training program achieved through sequences and dance choreography.

Launches May 20th, 2022
Stretching coaches with Extensa Performance

Introduction to Extensa Performance

Gain access to a portion of our Extensa Performance Stretching Instructor Certification. Discover our flexibility training program for sports performance.

Launches June 18th, 2022

Incorporate flexibility training into your routine 

Enjoy the feeling of teaching stretching exercises that nourish your body, help it recover faster and keep you capable of teaching for years to come!

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