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Stretching classes will grow your audience

Stretching is the most versatile fitness component 

The great thing about flexibility training is it fits into all classes and training sessions. You can incorporate stretch training in your warmup and cool down. You can even fit some of our Extensa exercises into your strength training portion!

Hear what regular Extensa Fitness participants have to say  


Extensa Fitness participant in Melanie Boucher's classes

Extensa classes have helped reduce the pain I felt from all the injuries I've sustained over the years...


Extensa Fitness participant in Jeanne Gagné's classes

I love Extensa classes! It's the best class to improve your flexibility. You really get a good stretch. I've noticed a huge difference in my posture and back pain.


Extensa Fitness participant in Sarah Feilders' classes

Extensa has helped me with my flexibility, strength and coordination. I highly recommend Extensa!

Incorporate our stretching exercises into your routine 

Enjoy less stiffness and pain, faster recovery and improved energy so you can continue teaching for years to come!

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