What is Extensa™ fitness?

Extensa Fitness is a full body flexibility program designed to improve mobility for every day life.
Each class is designed to achieve optimum flexibility, by combining stretch, strength and balance techniques.  
Extensa Fitness is the most diverse of the Extensa method programs. Created to be accessible to all fitness levels, Extensa Fitness ranges from beginner to advanced workouts.

Who are Extensa Fitness clients?

  • Active or newly active participants in private gyms, mind body studios and community centres

  • Sedentary individuals ready to become active

  • Recreational athletes looking to add flexibility to their training program

What results do regular Extensa Fitness participants experience?

  • Greater mobility during every day activities;

  • Less pain and stiffness;

  • Less recurring injuries;

  • Better posture;

  • Improved sports performance;

  • Stronger core;

  • Less stress and anxiety symptoms.

What makes Extensa Fitness effective?

  • It improves range of motion of the joints by combining stretch and strengthening exercises;

  • It improves your posture by strengthening your core and practicing proper alignment;

  • It builds stability with active and static balance exercises;

  • It helps relieve stiffness by promoting proper muscle recruitment and movement patterns;

  • It releases tension and stress through breathing, body awareness and mindfulness techniques.

An extensa instructor working with a client

Become an Extensa™ instructor

Get certified with the Extensa method and become a flexibility specialist. 

Neck stretch during filming of an extensa video series

Get flexible with Extensa™

Train online or in person with a certified Extensa instructor.

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