Cynthia Legris

Cynthia is an Extensa Fitness instructor

Extensa Fitness instructor


As a board certified nurse, well-being is one of my top priorities. I teach Extensa Fitness as well as Zumba Fitness in order to to help participants reconnect with their bodies, learn how to move their bodies and to stay in shape. I teach in the Montérégie region in the areas of Saint-Constant, Delson and Saint-Jacques-le-Mineur. When I am not teaching, I work as a massage therapist in Saint-Michel. I do lymphatic drainage and foot reflexology. I continue to take various training courses in order to constantly improve myself and offer the latest techniques in well-being to my clients. I also love everything that is related to herbal medicine and aromatherapy. I love to cook good healthy... and not so healthy meals! You have to treat yourself once in a while! I look forward to meeting you in one of my classes.


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What Cynthia has to say about Extensa

Extensa Fitness is a program that over time has given me more flexibility but also better posture and balance. It has allowed me to better connect with my body and have more control over my movements. The dynamic exercises allow me to work in depth, which makes it an even more effective workout compared to the traditional stretching class I attended before I became an Extensa instructor. Teaching it is also a unique experience and participants are very satisfied with the benefits they feel after the class. 

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