What is Extensa Performance

Extensa Performance athletes

The Extensa Performance program is for athletes and artists.

Tailored training sessions are sports and performance specific. Each training is designed specifically for the intended sport and based on the coaching and/or athletes desired goals. Program design can range from a restorative class that promotes active recovery or an intense training session that builds strength and flexibility throughout the entire body.

Who are Extensa Performance participants?

  • Athletes looking to improve performance through flexibility training
  • Artists requiring more extreme flexibility 

What results do regular Extensa Performance participants experience?

  • Improved flexibility for their sport or art (higher kicks, stronger and more flexible upper body, more powerful and higher jumps, quicker starts, looser hips, etc..)
  • Less recurring injuries
  • Proper muscle recruitment and movement patterns
  • Improved static and active balance
  • Increased agility
  • Improved body awareness

Why is Extensa Performance effective?

Extensa builds flexibility for performance gradually. A long warmup is essential for each Extensa Performance program. A combination of strength and stretch exercises improve range of motion at each joint. Stability and core strength are a main focus in order to promote proper muscle recruitment. Mindfulness and breathing techniques help the athlete maintain focus and get the most out of each exercise. Flexibility for sports performance and/or extreme flexibility are achieved safely with Extensa. 

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