Side stretch for improved full body flexibility

Sarah performing a sideline stretch

This weeks stretching exercise is a standing side stretch. This stretch can be done almost anywhere and is a great exercise for the entire sideline of the body.

While performing the stretch, focus on:

  • pushing the hip sideways (outwards)
  • engaging the glutes and the abdominals to maintain alignment
  • reaching the arm over the head and keeping it in line with the ear
  • keeping an even breath. 

Not only does our standing side stretch target the Lattisimus Dorsi, Quadratus Lumborum and Tensor fasciae latae but it also helps release the fascia. It's a great myofascia release exercise. 

Read the transcript: 

Hi guys welcome to Sarah’s sixty second stretch.

W’ere doing a side stretch today. 

All you need is either a wall or a chair to hold on to. 

We're going to place the hand on the wall or the chair.

Step a little bit further away and bring the feet together. 

Outside leg crosses over the inside. 

With most of the weight on the inside leg, push the hip sideways.

We're going to reach the arm up and over the ear. 

Fingertips reach towards the wall. 

We’re looking for the stretch down the side of the body. 

Keep pushing the hip out and reaching the arm over. 

Take a deep breath. Exhale a little further. 

And then bringing the arm up, uncross the legs and shake it out.

And of course, you've got the other side.

Thanks for tuning in see you next time. 

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