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Sarah performing lying arm extensions to warmup the shoulder joints

Shoulder warmup: arm extensions

60 second stretch

This weeks stretching exercise is a great shoulder warmup. Focus on maintaining a neutral spine and keeping the shoulder blades in contact with the mat. Follow your range of motion and do not force the arms lower. Flexibility gains are achieved when the body feels safe in a position. Move slowly and take the movement only as far as it feels ok to do so.


Hi guys! Welcome to Sarah's 60 second stretch. 

We're doing a warm-up stretch for the shoulders lying down today.

We're going to get on to our backs with the arms down by our side. And the knees bent.

We're going to focus on bringing the shoulder blades and the ribcage in contact with the mat. 

Let’s keep the spine in a neutral position.

We're going to start to lift the arms up to the ceiling.

And then keeping the contact with the mat, we're going to start to take the arms back behind the head.
As far as you can while keeping the back of the rib cage in contact with the floor. 

Lifting the arms back up and then hovering the arms along the floor.

Let's add the breath. Inhale to lift up. And exhale extend back behind. Inhale to come up. And exhale to release and hover by your sides.

Let's try it again, synching the breath. Inhale to come up. Exhale start to pull back behind. 

Focusing on keeping the back of the ribcage in contact with the floor. 

Lifting the arms back up to the ceiling and come back down. 

One more time. Inhale to come up exhale to come back behind. 

Inhale up and exhale down.

And of course, you can do that as many

times as you like to warmup the shoulder joints.

Thanks for tuning and in see you next time.

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