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Stretches for the feet

The best foot mobility stretch

60 second stretch

This weeks stretching exercise is the best exercise for foot mobility. Specifically this stretching exercise is for the arches and toes. The more exaggerated the movement the better results. Make sure to keep the leg as straight as possible (without locking the knee) to maximize the stretch. Keep an even breath the entire time and if you experience any pain, stop the exercise. 

Read the transcript: 

Hi guys! Welcome to Sarah's 60 seconds stretch. W’ere doing a warm-up for the ankles the arches and the toes so let's get started. 

We’re going to stand with the feet about hip-width apart. 

We’re going to extend one leg out in front.

You're going to point the foot but keep the toes pulled towards you.

Then you're going to point your toes as hard as you can. 

And then you're going to flex your toes towards you but you're going to keep that foot pointed.

And then flex the entire foot at the ankle. 

And let's try it again. 

Point just the foot, point the toes, flex the toes, flex the foot. 

And again, point the foot, point the toes, flex the toes, flex the foot. 

You can do this as many times as you want. 

And then take the leg down shake it out. 

Of course, you've got the other side. 

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