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How much stretching experience do you have?

How much flexibility training experience do you have?

One of the questions we ask our potential Extensa instructors is how much stretching experience they have. Yoga and Pilates instructors and even Dance teachers do not necessarily have as much flexibility training experience as you'd expect. 

Yoga instructor training certifications teach you to become a Yoga instructor and gain experience in yoga techniques. Pilates instructor training certifications teach you to become a Pilates instructor and gain experience in Pilates techniques. Dance teaching certificates teach you to become a dance teacher and gain experience in dance techniques. None of them train you to become a flexibility instructor nor gain experiences in all the flexibility techniques to achieve full body flexibility.

Improved flexibility from Yoga, Pilates and dance are pleasant side effects but because flexibility is not the main goal, optimum full body flexibility is never achieved.

Quite often, instructors over-estimate the amount of flexibility training knowledge they actually have. This is detrimental to participants who take a “stretch” class from an instructor that has not taken a stretching instructor certification specifically designed to teach flexibility training classes.

If you are planning on offering a stretching class, take some time to evaluate your flexibility knowledge. What do you really know about creating a program that targets the entire body? Do you know how to properly cue and execute correct flexibility techniques? Are you aware of the latest research when it comes to achieving a flexible body? Do you know how to combine techniques in order to create lasting results? ...and do it safely?  

As group fitness instructors it is our responsibility to keep our participants safe. In order to do that, we must only teach classes in which we are qualified. Anything less is not only unprofessional but it also poses a danger to participants.

Set yourself apart from the competition by excelling in the classes you are qualified to teach. Learn new techniques through certification courses. You'll gain a more dedicated and healthier following if you maintain a high quality of instruction throughout your fitness career. 

If you'd like to learn more about flexibility training, you can join our Extensa community below. We offer stretching tips, mini routines and much much more! 

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