Release the IT Band

Release the IT band

This weeks stretching exercise we are targeting the Iliotibial band. This exercise can sometimes cause some discomfort, a great option is to keep the knees bent throughout the exercise. Focus on reaching the arms away from the opposite hip. And don't forget to breath!

Read the transcript: 

Hi guys welcome to Sarah’s sixty second stretch. 

We’re doing an IT band stretch


We’re going to start with the feet a little bit closer than hip-width apart.

You're gonna take one leg cross it over the other. 

We’re going to bend both knees.

We’re going to pull the chin in.

Round the back and we're just going to roll ourselves down as far as you can.

Letting the head and the arms completely relax.

Straightening the legs as much as possible. 

And then we're going to lean away from the leg that's in front of you.

So you're pushing the hip off to the side.

Reaching the fingertips and the arms over. 

We’re looking for the stretch down the side of the body. Holding it there.

Take a deep breath.

 Reaching a little further. 

Bending the knees if you need to.

And reach it out. 

And then come back into the center.

Knees are bent. 

Round the back.

Rolling it up.

Uncross the legs and shake it out. 

And of course, you've got the other side. 

Thanks for tuning in, see you next time. 

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